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Making Your Divorce Go Faster–What we do at the beginning matters

Let us work with you to make the right choices to make your divorce as quick and affordable as possible.

Divorce can take many different paths, depending on your specific situation. We will help you select the right course for you. That course will depend on your needs and your specific situation.

Not the Time for a Do-It-Yourself-Approach

You may enjoy amateur photography or scrap booking. If your creation does not look right the first time, you can try again and make it better. However, in court, there are few opportunities to “try again.” This is not the time for a do-it-yourself approach.
Divorce and Paternity actions affect

These issues are too important to be left to chance, whim, or poor planning. The preparation of your case will affect its outcome–particularly in the area of alimony.

Divorce/Paternity Process

Divorce and Paternity cases frequently involve the following steps:

  • Filing of a petition for divorce or parentage
  • Answering the petition
  • Mediation
  • Hearing on temporary orders
  • Discovery
  • Trial
  • Final Decree of divorce or parentage

Not every case involves all of the steps listed. The vast majority of cases settle without a trial. Many settle without any discovery and without any hearings in court. The order of the steps may vary for your specific case. We will assist you in navigating the steps of the case, which step to take next requires an understanding of your specific case.

Strong Fences Make Good Neighbors

A Decree of Divorce that is carefully and fairly written builds a strong fence which makes for good neighbors, good former spouses, and good co-parents. A weak fence leads to more problems down the road. We will work to make a strong fence with clear and definite boundaries.

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